American Financial Management increases our clients’ net income by collecting, negotiating and resolving delinquent receivable situations. In addition, we utilize our exceptional staff, extensive experience and numerous resources to improve your accounts receivables department in any way possible. We are a client-focused organization. Our mission is to go above and beyond to provide a customer thrill experience. Our employees are hired, trained, and motivated to provide a ‘wow’ experience through service, which is completely customized to our clients’ requirements, desires, and goals.

We want each one of our customers to truly feel that AFM is a key advisor, an extension of their processes and performs stellar, value-added collection services with integrity and in a credible and authentic manner. Along with AFM’s client-focused organization company culture, our Attorney Intervention Collection program, innovative thinking and implementation of cutting edge technology provide the means for our company to be a forefront leader within the collection industry. Our family business handles each assigned claim with decisive action, the utmost care, professionalism and immediate, persistent and respectful pursuit.


American Financial Management’s roots date back to 1964. Our history is a story of growth, expansion of services and innovation, including developing the first 30-day free demand letter series.

During the 1980s, we went through a dramatic growth phase. We acquired two collection agencies, Creditors Service Bureau and Murphy Davis Company. Specifically, Creditors Service Bureau was a large collection agency with both in-house corporate counsel and representation throughout the United States and Murphy Davis Company was a boutique collection agency that specialized in the construction industry, with expertise in lien rights and foreclosure actions. Thereafter, we built a 15,000-square foot corporate office building and merged Creditors Service Bureau and Murphy Davis Company’s operations into American Financial Management to become one of the largest collection agencies in the United States.

During the 1990s, through strategic alliances, we expanded our services and our geographical reach. In the early 90’s, AFM became an agent of Experian business services (f/k/a TRW). In fact, our CEO/President was asked to serve on Experian’s Agency Advisory Board that helped formulate the outstanding reports that Experian provides today. Around that same time, to assist clients with their credit granting needs, we acquired Credit Application Processing (CAPS), an outsourcing company that assisted clients investigate credit applications.

Over the last twenty years, AFM founded the Perishable Product Legal Assistance Network (PLAN), a strategic alliance with Produce Reporter to assist creditors in the perishable product industry by recovering monies related to the sale of produce, and created a strong partnership with Disaster Kleenup International (DKI) Pro Supply, an association with over 400 property restoration contractors making it North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization. In addition, we spearheaded the creation, implementation and enhancement of three Fortune 500 companies’ centralized shared services debt collection programs.


AFM’s Attorney Intervention Collection Program and our unparalleled client service.

AFM’s Attorney Intervention Collection Program provides a stronger collection and adds enormous value to your collection efforts. From the very first day that we receive a new account for collection, an in-house AFM Attorney will directly work your file to obtain immediate, voluntary payment on a contingency fee basis. Our lawyers do not litigate. Rather, they solely focus on collection and account resolution by phone, email, facsimile and postal mail.

The immediate attorney involvement alone subconsciously creates a sense of urgency, so our immediate, persistent and respectful collection pursuits elicit a quicker response and payment. Further, the immediate attorney involvement provides a stronger likelihood to increase the quality of your claim (e.g. obtain a personal guaranty, promissory note, confession of judgment), while we collect the monies owed on your behalf. Also, if necessary, it sets the foundation for a comprehensive investigation to locate the obligor and learn the obligor’s payment capabilities. This will help you make an informed decision when responding to a settlement offer or when deciding whether to forward a claim to local counsel for possible legal action.

AFM’s exceptional client service also separates our company from others. Our motto is that we go above and beyond to provide a customer thrill experience. AFM’s employees are hired, trained, and motivated to provide a ‘wow’ experience through service. We put procedures and policies in place to revolve around our customers. At the onset of a new client relationship, we do not fit the new client into a current model or standardized process. Rather, after we learn your requirements, desires and goals, we create a customized collection program for you and incentivize our employees accordingly. Therefore, everyone aims to achieve the same results in a unified manner.

I would highly recommend AFM if you are looking for a company that will collect on your doubtful accounts. I have been through many third party collection companies in the past, and they have delivered the best results thus far.
Michael Passo, Pella Windows and Doors
My experiences with AFM have been nothing but satisfying. Everyone that I have had the pleasure of dealing with has left me completely satisfied. The professionalism and commitment to service is second to none.
Tim Regrut, Liberty Roofing Center Inc.
AFM conducts their business in a conscientious manner and has always maintained Luster’s best interest. Litigation is done in a timely manner. Their representatives are true to their word and always follow through. I feel confident that our outsourced delinquent accounts are in the best hands. I highly recommend their many services!
L.D. Raney, Luster Products Inc.
I believe and trust that American Financial Management exhibits both tenacity and professionalism and am confident knowing that they uphold our professional name.
Brendalee Smith, Kieffer & Co., Inc.
I get calls regularly from collection companies that want us to give them a try. But when something is working this well I won’t change. You have made the collection process painless and rewarding.
Christine M. Russell, ZIPWALL
We are most impressed with the follow-up procedures conducted and the complete progress given on each case. We are kept informed of every step taken and AFM’s professional approach to collection does not necessarily jeopardize our client relationship. You will without a doubt be pleased with the outcome of their work.
Ron Herzog, President and CEO - F-O-R-T-U-N-E PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS
I have had a few businesses and have had some uncollectible accounts. AFM has been very excellent in helping me obtain the money owed to me. AFM is professional and informative. The client services department and attorney intervention staff are very good. I do not hesitate to refer AFM to other business owners.
John M. Reichert, President - Reichert Chevrolet & Buick Sales, Inc.
I have had the opportunity to use EXPERIAN via American Financial Management, Inc., for over a decade, and have found a very capable team of professionals who are available to assist you in all areas relating to EXPERIAN. AFM has access to highly experienced representatives of EXPERIAN and they will establish a personal, friendly, working relationship with you and will be able to answer any and all questions you may encounter with EXPERIAN or the EXPERIAN credit reports.
Terry D. Brown, Update Legal
When I need a total of an account in collections, through Client Web Access [Client Login], the information is right there for me to log in and get. I can pull information up while I have a collections account on the phone and tell them exactly what they owe.
Christy Brooks, United Notions
I have worked with AFM for the past 13 years and competitors have often tried to get me to switch. Competitors’ rates and expertise do not compare to AFM. Customer contact with AFM is outstanding and I would highly recommend them to others.
Leslie Butler, S-E-A, Ltd.
We have been doing business with AFM for over 17 years. In that time our company has tripled in size. During our transition period, we worked closely with AFM to ensure our accounts were set up properly and all of our questions were answered. They are always available to assist with any of our needs. I have enjoyed our business relationship and hope to continue for many years to come.
Rita McMahon, Charter Communications, Inc.
We have had much success in using American Financial Management for our collection needs and highly recommend them for yours.
Peggy M. Johnson, The Roy Houff Company
I only send accounts to AFM after thoroughly exhausting internal collection efforts. It is thus amazing that AFM has been able to collect anything for Reebie, but AFM has come through on numerous occasions. I would strongly recommend AFM to other companies that need help collecting on unpaid accounts.
Tim Deets, Reebie Storage & Moving Company, Inc.
You have done a wonderful job for us – everyone I talk to is very pleasant and helpful and I feel like I can call or e-mail anytime if I have questions or concerns about any of my accounts. Your attorneys and legal staff are absolutely wonderful to work with! I enjoy my conversations with them as it is informative and keeps me up to date on all proceedings and negotiations (not to mention they are just nice people). I look forward to our continued success in working together.
Carmen Thorne, Seacoast Medical
AFM has successfully collected a large number of our delinquent accounts. We even had an account that we considered a write off from four years ago that was paid because the customer could not buy a house with us on their credit report!
Gina Ames, Sub Zero Refrigeration, Inc.
I switched Coca-Cola to AFM in 2001 and have experienced wonderful service. AFM conducts their business in a professional and conscientious manner while achieving excellent results.
Gail Lyon, Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated
We have complete confidence in their professionalism and determination to collect our outstanding debts. Their representatives have always been conscientious and thorough with every account we have placed with them. AFM has exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend their services to you.
Gigi Hollabough, National Metal Stampings, Inc.
We have been working with American Financial since 1992. We depend on them to collect on our really tough accounts. They have successfully returned money to us on several accounts that we considered to be lost causes.
Jane Heller, President, Heller Lumber Company
We have been working with American Financial since 1994. The reason we keep coming back is because of their attorney intervention program. It has been very successful in returning the money that is owed to us.
Chuck Lukavsky, Catching Fluid Power
American Financial Management is a superb company and I recommend that you consider them as your collection agency; you will be very pleased with the results they will achieve for you.
Renee Keck CBF, Wurth Baer Supply Company
AFM conducts their business in a conscientious manner and has maintained PBA Health’s best interests. We are timely notified when payments for bad debt are received. AFM then deposits the funds in their trust account, allow two weeks for the funds to clear and then they send the money to us. This eliminates any inconveniences that would occur if the check was returned by the bank.
Frances Gouldsmith, PBA Health, Inc.
American Financial has unquestionably been the most successful at collecting than any other collection agency that we have ever done business with. They are constantly keeping us updated with the latest progress with every account they are attempting to collect from and our experience with this prestige collection agency has been nothing shy of excellent.
Julie Zepeda, Impression Bridal
I appreciate the ease of filing new claims online, and I am particularly happy with the ‘30-day free demand’ for commercial accounts. I recommend American Financial to other businesses in need of collection services.
Lisa Beck, Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.
We highly recommend using American Financial Management as your preferred 3rd party when you need to outsource an account for collection assistance. Not only are they very successful in collecting the monies owed to us, they are constantly keeping us updated with the latest progress of every account they are attempting to collect on. American Financial Management has unquestionably been the most successful at collecting than any other collection agency that we have ever done business with. Just as important to us has been the strong relieving trust that has grown between AFM and ourselves. In addition, a great friendship and relationship has also transpired.
Janet Nettle and Carol Soper, Knapheide Truck Equipment
During my over 15 years in Accounting, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many third party Collection Agencies. I will say that American Financial Management has been the best. It is not just their success in the collection rate, but their entire service that has been provided making it an easy and wonderful experience.
Robert J. McMillian, Amrep, Inc.
The fact that you have been able to recover what you have to date is fantastic. Your plan below, when executed (and we have every confidence it will be) moves this matter into the EXCEPTIONAL category. Great work.
Harry Cushman, Berlin Packaging, LLC